About us

Specialist in Oral Microbiology and Water Quality

LabOral is concerned with clinical oral microbiology. In case of clinical periodontal microbiology and caries diagnostics, interpretation of the results and a therapy advice is provided. An advice based on the microbiological findings and on the clinical data provided by the dental professional, based on scientific research and on years long clinical experience of a team of microbiologists and clinicians. Collaboration with other microbiological laboratories in and outside Europe exists. 


Our certified laboratory is located at VU Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Our laboratory is active in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative molecular microbiological techniques, tools, systems, kits and characterizations. 

  • Prof. dr. Edwin Winkel
    Periodontist, Implantologist
  • Prof. dr. Arie Jan van Winkelhoff
  • Eleanore van Wermeskerken
    Oral Hygienist